Make it a night to remember

Your friends are counting on you...

With games and tasks on each block in the tower, you and your friends are in for a night of booze, embarrassment, and epic stories!

How to Play

Slide to see โ†’

Pull a block

rule sheet

Play the
game or
do the

on top

...then the next player goes till the tower collapses!
Great for any occasion

Nights-in, nights-out, game night, funerals, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, your cousin's bar mitzvah, etc...Power Hour Tower makes any gathering more fun and ridiculous

Elevate your next party
Don't mess this up!

Your friends are counting on you. Power Hour Tower will take your night to the next level. Who doesnโ€™t need a reckless and boozy night once in a while?