Players sit around the tower with their drink of choice and many additional drinks nearby. Using only one hand, the first player pulls a piece from anywhere on the tower (excluding the top 3 rows) and initiates the task or game on the bottom of the block. The rule sheet will guide you on this magical journey.

Once the game/task/challenge is completed, the player places the block on top of the tower face down. It’s now the player to the right’s turn. Continue around the circle until the tower collapses or someone has a mental breakdown! Whoever knocks the tower over has to finish their drink and is officially in charge of making sure everyone has a fresh new drink for the next game of Power Hour Tower!

Listen, we’re not miracle workers...but yes, it will absolutely get you laid

- 48 unique games + tasks

- Premium lacquer-coated maple wood

- Hilarious rule sheet

- 10.0” x 3.0” x 3.4”

- 2.25 lbs

We have one rule at Power Hour Tower headquarters: “Don’t be a lame loser”. PHT is for fun people only. If you count bird watching as a hobby then please don’t buy this game. You ain’t ready for this.

Email us at info@powerhourtower.com or send us mail to 25 Clubhouse Ave, Apt 1, Venice CA, 90291. Or slide into our DMs on Instagram @powerhourtower .

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